Noonan's syndrome

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Noun1.Noonan's syndrome - syndrome seen only in males; marked by short stature and lowset ears and subnormal fertility
syndrome - a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
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The teen was diagnosed with Noonan's Syndrome, a genetic condition effecting her heart and lungs.
Inspirational Amy, who has a first aid award named after her, was born with genetic disorder Noonan's Syndrome, which badly affected her heart and lungs.
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Giant cell granuloma, hyperparathyroidism, Noonan's syndrome, Ramon syndrome, fibrous dysplasia, Jaffe-Campanacci syndrome, Neurofibromatosis type 1, and multiple odontogenic keratocysts are considered in differential diagnosis of cherubism.
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Growth hormone therapy and growth in children with Noonan's syndrome: results of 3 years' follow-up.
Lack of abnormal skin elasticity and hypermobile joints ruled out the possibility of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome clinically which may be associated with multiple supernumerary teeth.8 Other syndromes associated with multiple supernumerary teeth are Gardner's syndrome, Down syndrome and noonan's syndrome.9 Both clavicles were absent in our patient which allowed approximation of shoulders in front of chest.
Two cases of Noonan's syndrome consisting of congenital ptosis, cataract, atrial septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, webbed neck, low set ears with short stature and pectus excavatum was reported.