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(German ˈnɔrdau)
(Biography) Max Simon (maks ˈziːmɔn), original name Max Simon Südfeld. 1849–1923, German author, born in Hungary; a leader of the Zionist movement


(ˈnɔr daʊ)

Max Simon, 1849–1923, Hungarian author, physician, and Zionist leader.
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Nordau and Lombroso would so classify him, and qua criminal he is of an imperfectly formed mind.
The debates on the ambivalent place of cosmopolitanism in its relationship to Jewish identity that flared over questions of assimilation, authenticity, and national vigor are addressed through such diverse figures as Herzl, Nordau, Freud, and Zweig; Kafka, Zangwill, and Buber; Simmel, Rathenau, and Wassermann.
Pesaban mucho, en ese momento, las consideraciones que Max Nordau habia puesto a circular en su libro sobre la degeneracion.
First, as Herzl's great partner Nordau said, about ethics, first enforcement and punishment and then ethics.
The first genre, consisting of "demonic-pathological pathographies", confirms Nietzsche's official diagnosis, drawing on the work Degeneration, published by Max Nordau in 1892.
The largest Nordic bank, Nordau Bank AB, finds the Swedish indicator can give investors a two-month jump on the eurozone PMI.
Jews both within and outside Israel who speak up against Jewish identity as defined by Jewish Zionist thinkers such as Max Nordau and Vladimir Jabotinsky support Palestinians in fighting this pervasive culture of Jewish supremacy in Palestine, and directing Palestinian rage where it belongs, at racists and bigots.
Max Nordau, en su gran obra sobre la degeneracion, critica y condena el pensamiento de Nietzsche con mucha aspereza; (26) Dario, en su primera polemica contra Nordau, defiende a Nietzsche, explicando que se trataba de "un hombre ilustre que, desgraciadamente, se volvio loco" (Dario 2015: s.
(7) Este "estado lirico" al que se refiere Bourget puede identificarse con la neurosis que Max Nordau atribuye a los artistas de fin de siglo en su libro Degeneracion.
The first sentence of Douglas Murray's book, a handy digest of far-right cliches, claims that all of Europe "is committing suicide." Like his numerous precursors, ranging from Max Nordau, the author of the popular "Degeneration" (1892), to Breivik, Murray goes on to depict Europeans as culturally and spiritually debauched.
Wells, and Bram Stoker, with attention to Max Nordau's Degeneration (1895).The early pages on Nietzsche make it clear that Sherry's perspective is heavily oriented toward Nietzsche's vision of European culture as double and antithetical, both Apollonian and Dionysian.
Ascanio represents the degenerate Western male or, as postulated by Max Nordau in Degeneration (1895), the Western degenerate who is not representation of progression through social evolution, but a sterile and useless individual (16).