Norfolk jacket

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Norfolk jacket

A belted jacket with two box pleats in front and back.

[After NorfolkEngland.]

Norfolk jacket

(Clothing & Fashion) a man's single-breasted belted jacket with one or two chest pockets and a box pleat down the back
[C19: worn in Norfolk for duck shooting]

Nor′folk jack`et

a loosely belted single-breasted jacket with box pleats in front and back.
[1865–70; after Norfolk, county in England]
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Noun1.Norfolk jacket - loose-fitting single-breasted jacket
jacket - a short coat
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He wore an old Norfolk jacket, and he had not shaved for several days.
Do you wear rubber shoes and a Norfolk jacket for dinner?
She had a great bundle of red papers under her arm, while Charles, who sat behind her clad in Norfolk jacket and knickerbockers, bore a similar roll protruding from either pocket.
He wore a Norfolk jacket of bold pattern, a blue stock round his neck, and a tweed cap of fantastic shape.
He stood there, in Norfolk jacket, pigskin puttees, and all the rest of the fashionable get-up out of a bandbox, sneering at me covered with filth and grease to the eyebrows and looking like a navvy.

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