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In the opening stanza of her first part (1-28) for instance, after describing "Ydelnesse" figuratively as "the ministre and the norice unto vices" and "porter" to the garden of "delices," she both explicitly advises us to intend this minister's contrary, "leveful bisynesse," and implicitly controls idleness by twice subordinating it grammatically (1-7, 10).
Liner notes: Mexico's Ximena Sarinana fuses dance-floor energy and a grandiose melody, exclaiming, "I don't think you norice me/Don't know who I really am," on this alluring track, one of many songs on her English-language debut exploring the difficulties of making meaningful connections.
27) T[homas] C[hurchyard] and Rio[hard] Ro[binson], trans, and compilers, A Trve Discovrse Historicall, of the Svcceeding Governovrs in the Netherhmds, and the Ciuill warres there begun in the yeere 1565, with the Memorable seruices of our Honourable English Generals, Captaines and Souldiers, especially vnder Sir John Norice Knight, .
With only two days norice, the center hosted 1,500 people for a 90-minute event that ended up costing $33,000 because of additional security needs.
To understand the inefficiency of the elite who managed PDVSA, norice that "PDVSA devotes 47% of its costs to operations; Royal Dutch Shell devotes nine percent and Exxon-Mobil, 23%.
I trowe that to a norice in this cas It had been hard this reuthe for to se; Wel myghte a mooder thanne han cryd "allas
There is Susu, the schoolgirl who finally shows up for their first rendezvous on the beach but rejects him the moment he tells her his recognizably Coptic name; and Zizi, the barmaid whose name he cannot remember, although she once saved him from arrest; and Sylvana, sinking under the weight of poverty into prostitution while he watches helplessly; and androgynous Rawiya, briefly glimpsed only to disappear in a flash, a mirage in the desert; and finally Norice, forever out of reach, forever present.
710): And how that ignorance be mooder of alle harme, certes, negligence is the norice.
Sullivan Avenue will be closed from Norice Street to Meadowlands Drive from May 6, to May 20, 2013, for the construction of a new sanitary sewer.
8 million project implemented for the design and construction of new sanitary sewers along Sullivan Avenue, Norice Street and Woodroffe Avenue.
Construction work on Woodroffe Avenue and Norice Street will begin on May 8, 2013, resulting in lane closures on Woodroffe between the CN Railway overpass and the intersection with Norice.