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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere within the Milky Way near Lupus and Ara.

[Latin norma, carpenter's square; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]


n, Latin genitive Normae (ˈnɔːmiː)
(Astronomy) a constellation in the S hemisphere crossed by the Milky Way and lying near Scorpius and Ara
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Noun1.Norma - a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Lupus and Ara in the Milky Way
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"Then my mother opened the door and called my dog, Norma. Norma was a great Newfoundland, and died five years ago.
I believe animals are incapable of feeling supernatural fright--if I have been rightly informed,--but at this moment there appeared to me to be something more than ordinary about Norma's terror, as though it must be supernatural; and as though she felt, just as I did myself, that this reptile was connected with some mysterious secret, some fatal omen.
"Norma backed slowly and carefully away from the brute, which followed her, creeping deliberately after her as though it intended to make a sudden dart and sting her.
"In spite of Norma's terror she looked furious, though she trembled in all her limbs.
But later that night, 61-year-old Norma, who had a history of problems with her balance, was found dead in the swimming pool.
Norma lived in the Ramsey and Oconee areas her entire life.
Norma's family, from Perth, hit out at Balhousie Care Group, which run the care home.
Heart Throb always welcomed Norma's call and begged her to stay in touch.
Norma sells knitting and books in the foyer of University Hospital, Wishaw every Tuesday and Saturday to help raise funds for the centre, which provides emotional and practical support for people affected by cancer.
Over the past 18 years, Norma has created hampers for the Warwickshire Fostering Service to go to young people and asylum seekers who have recently come out of foster care and now live alone without family support.