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A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere within the Milky Way near Lupus and Ara.

[Latin norma, carpenter's square; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]


n, Latin genitive Normae (ˈnɔːmiː)
(Astronomy) a constellation in the S hemisphere crossed by the Milky Way and lying near Scorpius and Ara
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Noun1.Norma - a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Lupus and Ara in the Milky Way
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Norma was a great Newfoundland, and died five years ago.
It seemed to try to dart out of her jaws twice, but Norma caught at it and half swallowed it as it was escaping.
De la premisa anterior puede extraerse una conclusion ambigua respecto a la manifestacion de la norma en cualquier sujeto, sea o no titular de derechos, esto es, un cierto paralelismo entre la norma dirigida al colectivo, la norma dirigida al individuo y la norma que el individuo asume e interpreta segun el discernimiento de su moralidad intrinseca.
3i and funds managed by 3i will remain NORMA Group AG s largest group of shareholders with an aggregate holding of 16.
Norma agreed to bring her trained dog to try and track the missing Cobalt.
But what no one had taken into consideration during the summer of 1927 was that Norma Shearer did not believe in taking no for an answer.
Norma (Annemarie Kremer) is a powerful druid in Roman-occupied Gaul.
Pagan high priestess Norma leads her people in the battle to protect their way of life in Bellini's acclaimed opera, showing Saturday.
After trailing 18-17 at 23 ends, Mary went 20-18 ahead with a single and double only to miss out when Norma chipped out with a double and single.
Until the American market was penetrated, Norma was highly focused on supplying new and reloaded 6.
Norma moved to Edinburgh more than a decade ago and was elected to the city council on a Labour ticket.
And, delivered by Ria Jones as Norma, it seems never more appropriate.