Normal group

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(Geol.) a group of rocks taken as a standard.

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Vafadari and his wife were detained by Pasdar security agents July 20, 2016, and kept in solitary confinement in Evin prison for five months before being moved to normal group cells.
Both the serum AST and ALT levels of the treated Groups (IV and V) are higher when compared with the normal group (Table 3), but these values do not significantly differ (P > 0.
T-score were divided into normal group, osteopenia group and osteoporosis group (T>-1.
3l4), whereas SRI, SAI, KPI, EDP, and EDD values were significantly higher in the normal group compared to the control group (p<0.
3 mg/kg two days), and normal group in accordance with a random number generated by SPSS version 11.
Conclusion: This study found a negative correlation between the NLR and BMI values and a lower NLR value in the obese group compared with the normal group.
05) when compared with normal group while pre-proliferative stage has non-significantly higher values when compared with normal fundoscopic group.
Non-parametric test, Mann-Whitney (Wilcoxon rank sum) test was applied to compare difference between Fatty liver and Normal group.
However, mice treated with 100mg/kg of Cinnamomum showed comparable values of feed intake with normal group.
The shows shows the mean AHR values for the flat feet group were significantly lower than the normal group (an independent Student t test showed P = 0.
0001 cells * p --MST and ILS were calculated for BBIA-Co group using normal group as a control group.