Normal group

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(Geol.) a group of rocks taken as a standard.

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Rats were randomly separated into six groups: normal group (Normal, n=5, rats were intragastrically administered distilled water at 10 mL/kg body weight per day for 20 days, without any other treatment), model group (Model, n=5, ALD model rats without any treatment), positive control group (Essentiale group, n=5, ALD model rats were fed with Essentiale; 137 mg/kg, Sanofi-Aventis Beijing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China), LREE high dose group (LGH group, n=5, ALD model rats fed with 4 g/kg LREE), LREE moderate dose group (LGM, n=5, ALD model rats fed with 2 g/kg LREE), and LREE low dose group (LGL, n=5, ALD model rats fed with 1 g/kg LREE).
In normal group (n=37) premenopausal women were (n=30, 11.1%), and postmenopausal women were (n=7, 2.5%), whereas osteopenic (n=25) and osteoporotic group (n=26) comprised only of postmenopausal women.
Patients with a PLT count at POM 3 below the normal lower limit (125x[10.sup.9]/L) were classified as the non-normal group (n=16) and those with a PLT count [greater than or equal to]125x[10.sup.9]/L were placed in the normal group (n=107).
SD rats were randomly divided into normal group, model group probiotic group and Wumei Pill group by random number table.
Results: MAPKs (P38, ERK1/2, and p-JNK) were phosphorylated and activated in the light injury groups, compared with normal group, and their expressions were mainly elevated in the outer nuclear layer (ONL).
The other objective of this study was to compare the patients with chondroma lacia patellae (chondromalacia group) and the patients with a normal cartilage (normal group), whether there was a significance difference in the distribution of five patellar maltracking measurements.
Therefore, on the basis of these frequencies on six basic emotions two separate chi square were performed between encephalitis group and normal group. But the responses on third emotion based task (i.e., expression task) were obtained through 5 point rating scales, hence these responses were subjected to a one way between group ANOVA (group: encephalitis group and normal group) for six dependent variables namely (anger, happiness, surprise, disgust, sadness and fear).
* Cronbach alpha for variables of affection remained moderate for psychotic as r=0.48, neurotic asr=0.45, maladjustment as r=0.39 and r=0.36 for overall sample where as it remains low for normal group sample with r=0.26.
However, the AOP advised the DVLA that this was unnecessary for many drivers with mild bilateral cataracts, provided they were able to meet the normal group one visual standards.
Higher weight and BMI were found in the normal group compared to the other two groups (p<0.01) (Table-1).
Vafadari and his wife were detained by Pasdar security agents July 20, 2016, and kept in solitary confinement in Evin prison for five months before being moved to normal group cells.