normal school

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normal school

A school that trains teachers, chiefly for the elementary grades.

[Translation of French école normale (so called because the first school so named was intended as a model) : école, school + normal, normal.]

Normal School

(Education) (in France, and formerly England, the US, and Canada) a school or institution for training teachers
[C19: from French École Normale: the first French school so named was intended as a model for similar institutions]

nor′mal school`

a former school giving a two-year program to high-school graduates preparing to be teachers.

Normal school

A college (usually only two years) for preparing students to become schoolteachers who could then teach through the eighth grade.
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Noun1.Normal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachersnormal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachers
junior college - a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree
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You have received a high-school education, and possibly topped it off with normal school or college.
Ogena gave me a book titled An Enduring Legacy: The Journey of Normal Schools in the Philippines.
The University of Oulu in normal schools cleaning services, according to the documents set out in this invitation to tender.
Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinologist Dr Manu Agarwal said, "Children suffering from growth hormone deficiency are entirely eligible to go to normal schools and perhaps require no special schooling.
Created in Massachusetts by Horace Mann, normal schools set the stage for teacher education throughout the United States.
The "permanent activities" included the establishment of a Japanese language school and normal schools.
He said that the inclusive education carries the concept that special children with physical and mental retardation may be placed in normal schools and where their behavior and attitude to be grown as normal.
Newcastle Council says the Government failed to listen to its concerns that deprived areas will be hit hard as ministers remove money from normal schools to pay for more academies.
The vast majority of these children with Apgars of 7 or less are going to normal schools and theyre getting good grades though on average, these children did slightly worse in normal schools than children who had scores of 9 or 10.
Sharjah Education institutes across the country yesterday took part in the first Exhibition and Conference of Visual Disability Technologies which seeks to help blind students complete their studies in normal schools and universities.
In 1932, all of the state's normal schools were re-christened "teachers colleges" and the old Normal School became Worcester State Teachers College.
Contrary to what you might expect from their name, normal schools were considered to be exceptional places, permanent institutions which specialized in teacher preparation with a mix of instruction in content and pedagogy and actual practice in teacher methods generally in an affiliated model school.