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normal school

A school that trains teachers, chiefly for the elementary grades.

[Translation of French école normale (so called because the first school so named was intended as a model) : école, school + normal, normal.]
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Normal School

(Education) (in France, and formerly England, the US, and Canada) a school or institution for training teachers
[C19: from French École Normale: the first French school so named was intended as a model for similar institutions]
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nor′mal school`

a former school giving a two-year program to high-school graduates preparing to be teachers.
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Normal school

A college (usually only two years) for preparing students to become schoolteachers who could then teach through the eighth grade.
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Noun1.Normal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachersnormal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachers
junior college - a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree
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normal school

n (US, old) → pädagogische Hochschule
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You have received a high-school education, and possibly topped it off with normal school or college.
One daughter had married a doctor, the other was a teacher in the state normal school; one son was a locomotive engineer, the second was an architect, and the third was a police court reporter in San Francisco.
Indeed, this language indicates that many faculty at North Texas espoused the integrationist pedagogical philosophy that was prevalent in many normal schools of the time.
In this paper we present the preliminary findings of a study focused on determining the demographic and professional profiles and competencies of professors teaching at the Normal Schools that prepare elementary school teachers in the Southeast of Mexico.
During the antebellum period, many states began to establish "normal schools" to meet increasing needs for well-trained elementary school teachers.
When the backgrounds of the pupils were considered there was no difference between normal schools and faith schools.
This article focuses on state normal schools, which resulted from nineteenth-century education reformers' efforts to adapt the German teacher seminary and the French ecole normale to train teachers for the growing system of American common schools.
Whereas the latter had a strictly vocational mission and mostly instructed males (only 13 of 69 EPCI were for girls in 1910), the former combined a general education track that could lead to departmental normal schools for primary schoolteachers and vocational options that competed with the EPCI for students.
The 31-year-old daughter of former Beatle Paul said: "Hopefully I'll be living in the country if I'm lucky enough to have kids and they'll go to normal schools and nobody will know them unless they decide they want to be known about." Talk about a U-turn.
Mr Blunkett was said to be determined to press ahead with plans for the children of asylum seekers to be educated in accommodation centres rather than normal schools, despite opposition from within his own party.
Normal schools, which began in the 1830s, were in their early years much closer to being high schools than the equivalent of colleges.
Under Ford's sponsorship, the Lovetts taught in thirty-four universities, colleges, and normal schools.