Normal spectrum

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a representation of a spectrum arranged upon conventional plan adopted as standard, especially a spectrum in which the colors are spaced proportionally to their wave lengths, as when formed by a diffraction grating.

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An attitude that is detached from the normal spectrum of human reaction to negative situations -  like when someone else is feeling pain - leads to antisocial behavior is the child's future.
Collaboration can always extend beyond the normal spectrum of libraries and can include other libraries as well.
As I stated, the first signs that something is wrong tend to be overlooked, attributing the variation as part of the normal spectrum of developmental differences amongst individuals.
We can expect that normal spectrum will be small and abnormal one will be large.
Knowledge of the normal spectrum of thymic appearances is important to prevent over-diagnosing or underdiagnosing thymic lesions.
Outside the normal spectrum display has colored spectrogram and occurrence frequency (persistence / densityview / digitalphosphor) display
Dr Angela Hassiotis said: "People in the lower end of the normal spectrum are more likely to consider themselves not happy.
As with any normal spectrum of childhood behavior, crushes may be fleeting and necessary steps on the road to maturity, or, at the other extreme, may highlight a preteen's neediness and vulnerability that are of sufficient risk to merit a referral to a mental health professional.
Essentially the company is planning to produce materials with a wider than normal spectrum of applications, so fewer grades will be needed.
That was a net swing of about 10 percent to the left, but the authors say this merely moved the students closer to the normal spectrum of views among 18-to-24-year-olds.
Rather than the normal spectrum of colors, thermographic users see hot and cold bodies within a range of red to blue depending on their temperature.
So, given the normal spectrum of intellectual, political, ethnic, moral, and ethical diversity to be found in a barracks--let alone a regiment--why is there such heavy resistance to the addition of one more element--sexual preference--to that spectrum?