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u′nit vec`tor

a vector having a length of one unit.
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(i) [O.sup.wd.sub.k]: normalized vector of hourly trips originated in zone k on a weekday
where [F.sup.*.sub.l] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are normalized vector of [F.sub.l] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], [L.sub.2] is Euclidean distance metric.
There are four registers in the diagram block: "num," "row," "fac," and "den"; these registers are temporary locations used together with the "Vector Arithmetic Unit" to perform lightly more elaborate operations on the rows; for example, to execute (16), the term [a.sub.ki] is first saved in the register "fac," and then the normalized vector is multiplied by this factor and added to the internal row of the Core_lu, which is recorded by the register "row."
Dividing each vector element on sum of all components of vector to get normalized vector, where--
A Lorentzian manifold ([bar.M], [bar.g]) admits a global decomposition as GRW space-time if and only if it has a timelike gradient conformal Killing vector field K, such that the flow of its normalized vector field, Z, is well defined and onto a domain I x L for some interval I [less than or equal to] R and some leafofthe orthogonal foliation to K.
The relationship between the normalized vector and the magnetic sensor raw data can be expressed as [3]:
The co-integration normalized vector is the following:
The normalized vector of a vector z is denoted by [bar.z]; the set of normalized vectors is shown as [bar.Z].
Given a space-like vector x in the Lorentz space (V, B), the normalized vector x of x is given by
Defining a normalized vector of time when the measured condition states change as follows:
Therefore, the normalized coordinates x, y and z are actually [c.sup.-1][w.sub.c]x, [c.sup.-1][w.sub.c]y and [c.sup.-1][w.sub.c]z, the normalized momenta nx, ny and nz are similarly [([m.sub.e]c).sup.-1][[pi].sub.x], [([m.sub.e]c).sup.-1][[pi].sub.y] and [([m.sub.e]c).sup.-1][[pi].sub.z] and the normalized vector potential amplitude [A.sub.0] is [m.sup.-1.sub.e][q.sub.e][A.sub.0].
This class of vector fields properly includes the normalized vector fields of the nowhere zero conformal vector fields (see Section 2).

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