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Noun1.Norman Thomas - United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)Norman Thomas - United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)
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Virginia was preceded in death by her parents, husband and four brothers: Donald Thomas, Norman Thomas, George Thomas and John Thomas.
Major mixed-use projects completed through the program include 3 Park Avenue, the site of the Norman Thomas High School; Confucius Plaza, a 762-unit mixed-use property in Chinatown, the first major residential complex built for almost exclusively Chinese Americans, which is home to the Yung Wing Public School, P.
Not until 1940 would the slogan revive, when a band of Yale Law School students, and a coalition that stretched from Socialist Norman Thomas to American Legion national commander Hanford MacNider to such young enthusiasts as Sargent Shriver and John F.
Colman McCarthy writes about Bernie Sanders' "intellectual kinship" with Norman Thomas, an ordained Presbyterian minister and a six-time Socialist Party candidate for president (NCR, Sept.
Stan Boardman, Billy Butler, Mickey Finn, Norman Thomas and Rose Marie were all set to take part in a special Easter Sunday show at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton.
In every election from 1928 through 1948, Socialists nominated Norman Thomas (Princeton class of 1905; martinis at the barricades?
To establish common ground, he confided to me that he had voted for the Socialist Norman Thomas for president in 1932when he was 23and attended a left-wing spiel supporting the Spanish Republicans.
At one point Superintendent Norman Thomas ordered the boys off the stage because it was becoming so dangerous.
On these journeys he was accompanied by his friend Norman Thomas di Giovanni, a writer, one-time resident of Argentina and translator of their most famous writer, Jorge Luis Borges.
uk TOP FIVE 1 Never before heard recordings of Liverpool FC legend Bill Shankly unearthed by Southport author 2 Vote for Merseyside''s Woman of the Year 2011 3 A tribute to Merseyside broadcasting legend Norman Thomas 4 Top JMU psychology professor goes missing - police and family appeal for news 5 Rapper Snoop Dogg performs at O2 Academy
Un dato significativo: Borges emprendio la traduccion de su obra al ingles con Norman Thomas di Giovanni, a condicion de que sus textos no se tomaran como sagrados.
Invited responses reflecting on each of the four major conferences were provided by Janet Carroll, on Edinburgh 2010; Allen Yeh, on Tokyo 2010; Stanley Green, on Cape Town 2010; and Norman Thomas, on 2010Boston.