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Noun1.Normandie - a former province of northwestern France on the English channelNormandie - a former province of northwestern France on the English channel; divided into Haute-Normandie and Basse-Normandie
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
Basse-Normandie, Lower-Normandy - a division of Normandy
Haute-Normandie, Upper-Normandy - a division of Normandy
Norman - an inhabitant of Normandy
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She alone would have introduced, out of busy idleness, a sort of Dutch cleanliness into a house on the confines of Bretagne and Normandie,--a region where they take pride in professing an utter indifference to comfort.
Contract notice:Assistance with project management related to the constitution of the application file "rouen normandie intelligent mobility for all" to the call for innovation territory of great ambition project
Washington, Jan 31 ( ANI ): Leonardo DiCaprio's six-year-old niece Normandie Farrar, who was listed as missing by the Department of Justice, has been located by the authorities, and is safe and sound.
The glamour of Transatlantic crossings has returned to New York with an exhibit on the Art Deco elegance of the French liner "SS Normandie.
Far left below, J by Jasper Conran slingbacks, pounds 45; Normandie by Normandie Keith slingbacks, pounds 40; John By John Richmond T-bar, pounds 40, and buckle shoes, pounds 40.
Heiress Normandie Keith became the latest beauty to fall into the prince's clutches during a tropical paradise holiday.