North Atlantic

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Noun1.North Atlantic - that part of the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the equatorNorth Atlantic - that part of the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the equator
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
Irish Sea - an arm of the North Atlantic between Great Britain and Ireland
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The American North Atlantic squadron and pretty nearly the whole of our fleet.
The naval situation in the North Atlantic at that time was a peculiar one.
It was obviously beyond human possibility that the American North Atlantic fleet could hope to meet and defeat the German; but, on the other hand, with luck it might fight a delaying action and inflict such damage as to greatly weakenthe attack upon the coast defences.
From her North Atlantic Winter nose-cap (worn bright as diamond with boring through uncounted leagues of hail, snow, and ice) to the inset of her three built out propeller-shafts is some two hundred and forty feet.
The weather door of the smoking-room had been left open to the North Atlantic fog, as the big liner rolled and lifted, whistling to warn the fishing-fleet.
NEW YORK, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- North Atlantic Trading Company's (NATC) attorneys at Venable LLP, led by Marcella Ballard of the firm's New York office, have successfully executed seizure orders on merchants and wholesalers found to be selling counterfeit Zig-Zag cigarette paper products.
Watson Burton lawyers advised North Atlantic Imports LLC on the agreement, which is governed by English law.
We saw a rapid switch to a warmer North Atlantic in the 90s and we think this is increasing the chances of wet summers over the UK and hot, dry summers around the Mediterranean.
said Arie Zuckerman, President of North Atlantic Potash.
Research by professor Rowan Sutton, of Reading University, suggests a succession of disappointing UK summers is linked to warmer than average sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic.
Launched by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in 1994, the Mediterranean dialogue seeks to contribute to the regional security and stability and achieve better mutual understanding between NATO and its Mediterranean partners.
Those cycles were matched by rapid changes in surface-water salinity in the North Atlantic.

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