North Dakotan

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North Dakota

Abbr. ND or N.D. or N.Dak.
A state of the north-central United States bordering on Canada. It was admitted as the 39th state in 1889. Acquired through the Louisiana Purchase (1803) and a border treaty with Great Britain (1818), the region became part of the Dakota Territory in 1861. It was set off from South Dakota when statehood was achieved. Bismarck is the capital and Fargo the largest city.

North Dakotan adj. & n.

North Dakotan

(Placename) of or relating to North Dakota or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of North Dakota
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Noun1.North Dakotan - a native or resident of North Dakota
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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"We look forward to serving additional communities with value and convenience as we grow our footprint throughout the state and welcoming new North Dakotan employees to the Dollar General family," he said.
Matthew Gust, a 26-year-old North Dakotan, pleaded guilty to arson and hate-crime charges on May 19, Vanita Gupta, head of the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, said in a statement.
North Dakotan officials may be fighting back against Native American protesters trying to stop the construction of a major oil pipeline.
At a deserted gas station in a remote North Dakotan town, local officials recently found an unintended byproduct of the shale-oil boom: hundreds of garbage bags filled with mildly radioactive waste.
He started his career at North Dakotan newspapers in Dickinson, Mandan and Fargo and joined the Herald in 1978.
The peak of North Dakotan auroral activity appears to take place after sunspot maximum and when the spots are declining.
"North Dakotan growth rates have started to ease as Bakken output is flattening somewhat," said Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst at London-based consultancy Energy Aspects.
Four of the cars - which each carried 30,000 gallons of North Dakotan crude oil - caught fire and blew up in a fireball that mushroomed many hundreds of feet into the air.
The company plans to use the cash raised from this transaction into the development of its North Dakotan, Bakken North Stockyard project.
Lacking such vital space, would North Dakotan gays be forced, as it were, into some neo-closeted existence calling "staying home"?
The North Dakotan was down three times before referee Dave Parris stopped the contest 39 seconds into the second round, making Calzaghe's 12th title defence his easiest yet.
The 31-year-old North Dakotan went 12 rounds with Germany's IBF champion Sven Ottke two years ago so at least a stoppagewin might strengthen Calzaghe's claims to be the best in his division.

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