North Frederick

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, Frederick Second Earl of Guilford. Known as "Lord North." 1732-1792.
British politician who served as prime minister (1770-1782) under George III. His policies helped provoke the rebellion of the American colonies.
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The 104-room hotel is the fourth in the Z portfolio and is a conversion of the Old Printworks pub on North Frederick Street, near George Square.
Maryland Table Tennis Center (MDTTC) is a premier full-time table tennis club located at 18761-Q North Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
His short stories were top of the line, as were his novels 10 North Frederick, From the Terrace, and The Lockwood Concern.
Roads including John Street, Montrose Street, Nelson Mandela Place, North Frederick Street and Mitchell Street will be closed or partially shut to allow crowds to follow the procession.
After a man called Denis Field who had recently acted as juror in a capital trial was attacked with knives at his front door in North Frederick Street, a special inquiry was set up for which the police were given additional powers.
O'Connor's first collection, A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories, lost to John O'Hara's novel Ten North Frederick in 1956.
Officers recovered 16,000 ecstasy tablets and six ounces of cocaine after they searched a house on North Frederick Street, Dublin.
Her neighbours in North Frederick Street described her as a quiet girl who always said hello.
In later years, she appeared as a character actress in such movies as "Ten North Frederick," "The Pawnbroker," "Rachel, Rachel," "Harry and Tonto," "Arthm"' and "Easy Money.
Later films included Ten North Frederick, The Pawnbroker and Arthur, with Dudley Moore, in 1981.
His later, longer novels--Ten North Frederick (1955), a National Book Award winner, and From the Terrace (1958)--while underrated (even by Wolff), are really, because of his keen eye and clear prose, unforgettable and contain some of his best writing.
Parker's other film credits include Kiss Them for Me oppo-site Cary Grant, and Ten North Frederick starring Gary Cooper.

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