North Holland

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North Holland

(Placename) a province of the NW Netherlands, on the peninsula between the North Sea and IJsselmeer: includes the West Frisian Island of Texel. Capital: Haarlem. Pop: 2 573 000 (2003 est). Area: 2663 sq km (1029 sq miles). Dutch name: Noordholland

North′ Hol′land

a province in the W Netherlands. 2,352,888; 1163 sq. mi. (3010 sq. km). Cap.: Haarlem.
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How does the province ensure that solar panels are installed on all roofs in North Holland as quickly as possible?
In a development that is to become the largest of its type in the world, construction will begin this year on 15 solar islands on the Andijk reservoir in north Holland. The islands, containing 73,500 panels, will have the sunflower-like ability to move to face the light.
He became a viola player and went on to lead the viola section of the North Holland Philharmonic.
Hershel Graham, 25, of Marion, was charged with theft in the 300 block of North Holland Street on Sunday.
Which round, red-coated cheese is named after a North Holland town?
According to sources of Dutch news outlet, a residence where Amrabat's older brother Fauzi lives in Huizen, North Holland, was shot at.
Hospitals in the capital and the densely-populated North Holland province also changed to emergency power, news reports said.
The ANP news agency said the outage covered large parts of the province of North Holland, including the nearby broadcasting centre of Hilversum.
A major power outage hit large parts of Amsterdam and the surrounding province of North Holland on Friday, prompting the cancellation of all flights to and from the city's Schiphol airport.
The main HeineKen brewery is in the province of North Holland, he says, but there are 12 provinces - from Drenthe to Zeeland - in The Netherlands.
In 2008, the Dutch province of North Holland published a contract notice for the supply and management of coffee and tea dispensing machines that included a reference for these products to the private labels Max Havelaar (which promotes the marketing of fair trade products) and EKO (which certifies that the product is made up of at least 95% ingredients from organic agricultural production).
The meeting was attended by member of North Holland MP and Kurdish National Union representative in Holland.

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