North Korean won

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Noun1.North Korean won - the basic unit of money in North Korea
North Korean monetary unit - monetary unit in North Korea
chon - 100 chon equal 1 won in North Korea
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Anti-government messages such as "Overthrow Kim Jong Un" and "Punish Kim Jong Un" were reportedly scrawled over images of the leader's grandfather and founder of the state Kim Il Sung, whose face adorns the 5,000 North Korean won (KPW) bills.
Pyongyang is a totalitarian amusement park; the jewel of the Kim dynasty which is inhabited by the elite; members of the ruling class whose connections and place in North Korean society have given them privileges such as university-level educations, foreign (mainly Chinese) goods and access to the Chinese Yuan and Euro to use as opposed to the North Korean Won.
In the North's capital of Pyongyang, it is not uncommon for people to use the renminbi to pay for taxi fares instead of the North Korean Won," a South Korean diplomat in Beijing was quoted as saying.

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