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With its picturesque mountain scenery, fresh air, multitude of trails for hiking and biking and the North Platte River that flows right through the downtown area, Casper is the perfect getaway for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors.
I shot this blue-billed mallard on the North Platte River. My buddy, Taylor, and I had just finished tossing the decoys out when about 25 greenheads bombed the spread.
As we have often said: If the fish are there, people will come--in the case of spring walleyes, to sections of the North Platte River, Wyoming; to all the Missouri River reservoirs in the Dakotas; to all the Mississippi River pools in the upper river; to the Detroit River; and to dozens of other rivers large and small, including rivers of the Midsouth, such as the Cumberland, where saugers reign--to drop just a few more names.
WINTER After Colorado's elk season wraps up and winter sets in, it's time to hit the fields along the North Platte River in Nebraska for honkers.
The increase in red cedars along hills bordering the North Platte River possibly provides a corridor for movement of birds from the west.
The fact that the North Platte River in Nebraska is currently only one to two-tenths as wide as in 1865 may suggest upstream withdrawals are largely responsible (Williams, 1978).
The railroads are buttressing a breeched bank of the North Platte River with one-ton sandbags dropped by helicopters, and trucked-in loads of gravel and crushed concrete.
The highest prevalence of CWD for both species was in the Panhandle region of western Nebraska along the North Platte River (see Fig.
THE TOPIC: Several years ago, Annie Proulx purchased a 640-acre wildlife-rich property abutting the North Platte River in southern Wyoming, accessible only by a one-lane dirt road in the best of weather.
The North Platte River in southeast Wyoming between Bennett Peak Recreation Area and Treasure Island is a gentle float covering 12 miles of picturesque scenery and great trout water.
For travelers headed from the Mile High City to the mountain of presidents, the Nebraska landmarks, as well as the North Platte River Valley, make for a convenient stop.

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