North River

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North River

An estuary of the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York City flowing into Upper New York Bay. It was so named by the Dutch to distinguish it from the "South River," known today as the Delaware River.

North′ Riv′er

a part of the Hudson River between NE New Jersey and SE New York.
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At seven we started for New York on board a great North River steamboat, which was so crowded with passengers that the upper deck was like the box lobby of a theatre between the pieces, and the lower one like Tottenham Court Road on a Saturday night.
To this end, we went up the North River again, as far as the town of Hudson, and there hired an extra to carry us to Lebanon, thirty miles distant: and of course another and a different Lebanon from that village where I slept on the night of the Prairie trip.
There, we took the steamboat down the North River towards New York, but stopped, some four hours' journey short of it, at West Point, where we remained that night, and all next day, and next night too.
In this beautiful place: the fairest among the fair and lovely Highlands of the North River: shut in by deep green heights and ruined forts, and looking down upon the distant town of Newburgh, along a glittering path of sunlit water, with here and there a skiff, whose white sail often bends on some new tack as sudden flaws of wind come down upon her from the gullies in the hills: hemmed in, besides, all round with memories of Washington, and events of the revolutionary war: is the Military School of America.
He had just come off the "trail," he said, at one of the North River ferries.
1, on the North River Street and the Batavia Riverwalk.
Josh Gottheimer, D-5th District-NJ, and Peter King, R-2nd District-NY, on Monday introduced a bipartisan bill demanding a contingency plan for a doomsday scenario if one, or both of the two North River Tunnels is shut down beneath the Hudson River.
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that work is underway on a $300 million project to install new, cleaner-burning co-generation engines at the North River Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in west Harlem.
297 North River Road Whiskey, Bourbon, Fruit Liqueurs, Rum,
The North River Insurance Company, United States Fire Insurance Company and White Pine Insurance Company are to begin offering surety bonds for cannabis businesses by the end of the month.
This new facility will be located on the west side of SNHU's North River Road campus.
They are the Lake Basin, Kerio Valley, Tana and Athi River, Ewaso Ng'iro South River, Coast and Ewaso Ng'iro North River Basin development authorities.

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