North Slope

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North Slope

A region of northern Alaska between the Brooks Range and the Arctic Ocean. It contains extensive oil and natural gas reserves.

North′ Slope′

the northern coastal area of Alaska, between the Brooks Range and the Arctic Ocean.
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The Kuukpik Corporation is an Alaskan Native Corporation that represents the Village of Nuiqsut and administers, on behalf of its shareholders, the surface rights in the Colville River Delta area of the North Slope of Alaska, including the Alpine oil field.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 15, 2017-Geokinetics secures acquisition and imaging contract for North Slope, Alaska
The US Army Corps of Engineers-Alaska District published the Operational Draft Regional Guidebook for the Rapid Assessment of Wetlands in the North Slope Region of Alaska.
The goal would be to bring LNG buyers and North Slope wellhead sellers together.
A partnership between US-based broadband and IT solutions provider Alaska Communications (NASDAQ: ALSK) and Alaskan high-speed communication services provider Quintillion Holdings have teamed up to acquire a fibre optic network from US-based oil and gas company ConocoPhillips in the portion of Alaska's North Slope oil patch where most new development is occurring, the companies said.
The communities of Alaska's North Slope increasingly find themselves in a "middle place," stuck between a past to which they cannot return and a future that is fraught with uncertainty.
The only arctic tundra in the United States is the North Slope of Alaska.
The chief executives of BP and ConocoPhillips, two of Alaska's three major oil producers, said that the only profitable way to exploit a vast but stranded quantity of Alaska's North Slope natural gas is to export it to Asian Pacific markets.
announces results of 19 Core and RC drill holes from North Slope Zone(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
THE NORTH SLOPE OF ALASKA IS the vast area north of the crest of the Brooks Range (Fig.

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