North Vancouver

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North′ Vancou′ver

a city in SW British Columbia, in SW Canada. 68,241.
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She settled in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and experienced what many newcomers to Canada may face.
BIRTHPLACE: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Keith Panel Systems Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, fabricated 1,500 metal wall panels for the rainscreen system, and Pacific Erectors, Rocklin, California, installed the panels.
Babak Najafi-Chaghabouri, 30, of North Vancouver, British Columbia, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the February 2009 homicide.
Cabo Drilling, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, offers mining and specialty drilling services through its Canadian divisions in Surrey, British Columbia, Montreal, Quebec, Kirkland Lake, Ontario and Springdale, Newfoundland as well as through Cabo Drilling (Nevada) Inc in the US, Cabo Drilling (Panama) Corp and Cabo Drilling Panama-Pacifico Corp in Panama, Balkan States Drilling SHPK in Tirana, Albania and Cabo Drilling (International) Inc.
Russell, from North Vancouver, British Columbia, plan to bring their Rover 2000 TC.
Roch, built in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1928 to serve as a supply ship and floating police detachment for the RCMP, regularly motored into the Arctic under Henry Larsen's command until 1948.
The customer purchased a high-end, 350-gallon spa from Crystalview Pool & Spa in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It seats up to six people and features 27 jets, an ozonator and a dual filtration system with 120-square feet of filtration area.
February 8--Hollyburn Country Club, North Vancouver, British Columbia; Curling Bonspiel.
Braintech (North Vancouver, British Columbia) has developed a single-camera vision system that's based on a software development system the company is calling "eVisionFactory," or eVF.
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