North Vietnamese

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North Vietnam

A former country of southeast Asia. It existed from 1954, after the fall of the French at Dien Bien Phu, to 1975, when the South Vietnamese government collapsed at the end of the Vietnam War. It is now part of the country of Vietnam.

North Vietnamese adj. & n.
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Adj.1.North Vietnamese - of or relating to North Vietnam or its people or culture

North Vietnamese

A. ADJnorvietnamita
B. Nnorvietnamita mf
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The first light on 15 November revealed scores of North Vietnamese dead in the tall grass around Savage's position.
Besides beginning the Vietnam POW story from its start when the author, above, is shot down in August 1964, the narrative shows the reader how the North Vietnamese developed their "program.
Bon is Mien's first husband, a North Vietnamese veteran; long thought dead, he has returned to take her as "his one piece of happiness," compensation for his grievous suffering during the war.
The first came when Graham, then serving as a political officer and advisor to the South Vietnamese, was trapped in the city of Hue, which was under attack from the North Vietnamese Army.
Fonda was signing copies of her new memoir, My Life So Far, which describes her notorious 1972 visit to Hanoi where she was photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft tank, for which she has since apologised.
I was twenty years old in 1975 when Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese, and because I had served in the military police force for the South Vietnamese government, I was placed in a reeducation camp, where I stayed for almost a year.
Also included are Richard Wurmbrand, a Jew convened to Christianity who pastored a church in Bucharest, arrested for continuing to spread the gospel; Bela Szasz, a victim of the Hungarian purge against Titoists in 1948; Robert Lob, a young Chinese Communist who escaped the country after a valiant attempt to manage a factory under the new regime; Harold William Rigney, a Catholic priest arrested as an American spy in China in 1951 and systematically tortured; John Martino, an American political prisoner in Cuba; Dean Van Toai, a Saigon government official rounded up and sent to a North Vietnamese prison for 11 years under the guise of reeducation; and Nien Cheng, a casualty of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
However, units of the North Vietnamese Army were sent to the South on a large scale, more and more openly.
Equels' first Distinguished Flying Cross was awarded for a rescue mission during the first days of the 1972 "Spring Offensive" when five divisions of the North Vietnamese Army Invaded the south.
Linebacker II was the December 1972 bombing campaign that forced the North Vietnamese back to the conference table and led to the release of American POWs.
Dan and I became good friends when we flew to Hanoi during the Tet Offensive of January 1968 to bring back three American airmen, whom the North Vietnamese had decided to release from prison as a goodwill gesture for the Tet holiday.
The Hmong became a significant guerrilla force of about 30,000 armed men and made a great contribution fighting the North Vietnamese and rescuing downed American pilots.

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