North preceding

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There Webb writes, "Curious and beautiful stream of small stars n p," where n p means north preceding (northwest of) the double star.
Addressing the UNHRC Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe at the Adoption of the Report of the UPR Working Group while highlighting the concerns of the country regarding misinformation, he said, "This is why our national census of 2012 and the enumeration in the North preceding it in 2011 were of such importance.
Nabokov's pretext of the four directions as an organizing principle fails to represent the traditional cycle characteristic of Native American centering due to his convolution of north preceding west.
In the fall of 1850, Irish astronomer William Parsons (Third Earl of Rosse) turned his 72-inch speculum-metal reflector toward NGC 6946 and found a "new spiral, very fine but faint; 3 branches, of which two terminate in knots, a fourth branch north preceding very doubtful." Later observations confirmed the fourth arm, and a sketch by observing assistant Bindon Stoney (shown at left) captures the asymmetric arm structure as well as the two knots.
There is a small nebula in the north preceding side, which is probably a condensation of the faint diffused nebulous matter; the large nebula is resolvable into stars with nebula remaining."
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