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(nɔːˈθæmptənˌʃɪə; -ʃə; nɔːθˈhæmp-)
(Placename) a county of central England: agriculture, food processing, engineering, and footwear industries. Administrative centre: Northampton. Pop: 642 700 (2003 est). Area: 2367 sq km (914 sq miles). Abbreviation: Northants


(nɔrˈθæmp tənˌʃɪər, -ʃər, nɔrθˈhæmp-)

a county in central England. 587,100; 914 sq. mi. (2365 sq. km). Also called Northampton.
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Noun1.Northamptonshire - a county is central England
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Northampton - the principal city of Northamptonshire
Naseby - a village in western Northamptonshire
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Contract: northamptonshire county council - invitation to tender for the delivery of construction skills (the construction gateway) training
FIVE million pounds loaned to Northamptonshire County Council from Leicestershire has been repaid on time with interest.
Northamptonshire County Council is one of the first of many local authorities to admit it is close to bankruptcy, saved only by savage cuts of PS40m.
Alex Hopkins will take the helm at the new company after working as director of Children's Services at Northamptonshire County Council.
The event was attended by over 60 influential opinion leaders and representatives from across the social enterprise sector, including Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society; Derek Clark, MEP for the East Midlands; UnLtd (the world's largest social enterprise start-up programme supporting 8,000 entrepreneurs); The Young Foundation; Northamptonshire County Council; Universities UK, and regional politicians Michael Ellis MP (Northampton North), Brian Binley MP (Northampton South) and Andrea Leadsom MP (South Northamptonshire).
SOLIHULL Council boss Katherine Kerswell has been confirmed as the new head of Northamptonshire County Council.
Ms Kerswell, who has been chief executive at Solihull for six years, is expected to receive a salary of at least pounds 210,000 when she takes up her role at Northamptonshire County Council.
The charges relate to an incident in July last year which was reported by two Northamptonshire County Council officials who were visiting the nursery to advise on funding.
Invest Northamptonshire is the lead sponsor, with cosponsorship from Northamptonshire County Council, West Northamptonshire Development Corporation, accountants BKR Haines Watts, solicitors Howes Percival and patent agents Marks & Clerk.

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