Northern Dvina

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Northern Dvina

See Dvina.

Northern Dvina

(Placename) See Dvina1


(ˈdvi nə)

1. Also called Western Dvina. Latvian, Daugava. a river rising in the Valdai Hills in the W Russian Federation, flowing W through Belorussia and Latvia to the Baltic Sea at Riga. ab. 640 mi. (1030 km) long.
2. Also called Northern Dvina. a river in the N Russian Federation in Europe, flowing NW into the White Sea. ab. 470 mi. (750 km) long.
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Some authors have emphasized emigration from southern Estonia to the basin of Northern Dvina River, and from the coastal areas of Finland to the southern banks of Lake Ladoga.
Open Competition: Open tender for the right to sign the contract for the maintenance of technical means of transport security waterworks 1,2,3,4 Northern Dvina sluice system

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