Northern Rhodesia

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Northern Rhodesia

See Zambia.

Northern Rhodesia

(Placename) the former name (until 1964) of Zambia


(ˈzæm bi ə)

a republic in S central Africa: formerly a British protectorate; gained independence 1964. 11,163,160; 290,586 sq. mi. (752,614 sq. km). Cap.: Lusaka. Formerly, Northern Rhodesia.
Zam′bi•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Northern Rhodesia - a republic in central AfricaNorthern Rhodesia - a republic in central Africa; formerly controlled by Great Britain and called Northern Rhodesia until it gained independence within the commonwealth in 1964
capital of Zambia, Lusaka - the capital and largest city of Zambia
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
Victoria Falls, Victoria - a waterfall in the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia; diminishes seasonally
Zambezi, Zambezi River - an African river; flows into the Indian Ocean
Cewa, Chewa, Chichewa - a member of the Bantu-speaking people of Malawi and eastern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe
Zambian - a native or inhabitant of Zambia
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I was working in the mines of Northern Rhodesia at the time and I had an offer from Wigan first.
1964: Northern Rhodesia became the Republic of Zambia.
1961: UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjold was killed when his plane was sabotaged and crashed in the jungle in Northern Rhodesia.
She was born, she tells me, in the west of Ireland but at six weeks old flew with her mother to Northern Rhodesia (soon to become independent Zambia) where her father was managing a pharmacy.
However, it was not until 1933 that the London Missionary Society, the main Protestant mission society working in the area of Northern Rhodesia that supplied much of the labour of the Copperbelt, followed the advice of the International Missionary Council's Commission of Enquiry, and made an appointment to the Copperbelt.
1958) Marriage and the Family among the Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia.
After completing our courses Ray and Sally went back to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) while Jean and I went to the USA for nearly four years to undertake a doctorate at Yale.
He was a district officer and then a colonial policeman in what was then Northern Rhodesia.
Noah Kaindama was born in Zambia when it was still known to the world as Northern Rhodesia.
As I mentioned in last month's column, Alexandra, now 46, was born in England in 1969 and brought to Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) when she was 3 years old by her Anglocentric parents who also farmed in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Malawi.
Ian's career and hobbies, which included a passion for fishing, led the family on a life of adventure as they travelled from Livingstone in Northern Rhodesia to Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia.
In this way he crossed red lines set by the major powers and the colonial powers, as well as by the white regime of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), a British protectorate at the time.

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