Northern Spy

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Northern Spy

A variety of late-ripening apple with yellowish-red skin.

[Origin unknown.]
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North′ern Spy′

an American variety of red-striped apple that ripens in autumn or early winter.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.Northern Spy - large late-ripening apple with skin striped with yellow and red
dessert apple, eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
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Elgin Area AAUW: The Elgin Area Branch of American Association of University Women's general meeting will feature "Elizabeth's War: Southern Belle -- Northern Spy" at 2 p.m.
Pittsburgh Press, 1986), and Northern Spy (University of Pittsburgh
The tracks are "House Carpenter" (3:35), "The Girl's Not Mine" (3:07), "Northern Spy" (2:57), "Adventurer" (4:58), "All Roads Lead To You" (3:25), and "Cherokee Shuffle/Lucky" (5:02).
Last year, my 'Fuji,' 'Gravenstein' and 'Northern Spy' apples were covered with scab, but the fruits on my 'Liberty' tree remained pristine (see photo, bottom right).
But all the other varieties -- Empire, Cortland, Northern Spy -- are doing well, she said.
Apple Flour: Made solely out of Northern Spy Apples
To make the cider, Woodchuck's original hard cider (made with Vermont culinary apple varieties such as Macintosh and late season Northern Spy) was aged with crushed cocao beans.
Some other major varieties include Chisel Jersey, Dabbinette, Northern Spy, Golden Russet, Bramley's Seedling and Medaille d'Or.
Northern Spy Food Co., a restaurant in New York's East Village, uses FarmersWeb to find premium producers like lamb farm Elysian Fields, while employing digital media for marketing as well.
The East Village blog ( EV Grieve spoke to Christophe Hille, Northern Spy Food Co.'s co-owner, who stated the restaurant lost about $10,000 from the rainout.
The big indoor treat was the two-borough, beyond-eclectic Northern Spy Festival, which hosted lots of new talent plus old treasures like Sabir Mateen, Arthur Doyle, Thurston Moore in duo with Loren Connors, Cooper-Moore, and Rhys Chatham, to name just a few.
Jenner found herself in front by default on 25-1 shot Divine Rule and punished her three rivals - including 1-3 favourite Northern Spy. Jenner, 19, from Lancing near Brighton, said: "No one wanted to go in front but when I saw the shadow of the threepole I thought they were coming to get me.

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