Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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From Newgale to Rest Bay and Wales' most northernly spot for surfing at Anglesey - Wales has an epic coastline, jam-packed with opportunities for all sorts of adventure activities.
7 Which is the most northernly of the inhabited Channel Islands?
Jim proceeded in a northernly direction for his starter with sanguinaccio delle Ebridi - Stornoway black pudding to you and me - served with a freshly poached egg and a mushroom salsa.
If you decide to take a day trip to there, which is the most northernly point on the African continent (and about 10km away from Bizerte proper), dramatic cliffs and crystal clear waters await you.
We began collecting data in the southernmost preserve and worked in a northernly direction among preserves.
(19) Most northernly point of the Island of Newfoundland.
(5) The likely impacts of climate change include more frequent severe storms and droughts, sea level rise, ice cap and glacier melt, large-scale species extinctions, spread of disease carriers (of malaria, etc.) to more northernly latitudes, and 200 million environmental "refugees" by 2050.
M&S does a Cote Rotie (which means roasted slope by the way) for pounds 30 if you fancy a wine from Rhone's most northernly vines.
Northernly winds might improve the sport this coming week.