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also North·land  (nôrth′lănd′, -lənd)
A region in the north of a country or an area.

north′land′er n.


1. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of the peninsula containing Norway and Sweden
2. (Placename) (in Canada) a native or inhabitant of the far north
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Those include restoration of the Toronto-Cochrane Northlander and rerouting VIA Rail's transcontinental Canadian to the CP main line on Lake Superior's North Shore.
Thrush has been nominated for Best Performance by an Alberta Actress for The Northlander and for the Blackstone episode "Beginning of the End.
Hedge fund, Northlander Commodity Advisors LLC, has hired an executive.
Cam Ferguson was second, while shearing legend David Fagan, the 16-time Golden Shears champion, took fourth behind Northlander Rowland Smith.
The fire at the former Northlander Manufacturing building, 617 Main St.
There's Parmesan and coconut-crusted tilapia, beef and chicken kabobs, mushroom/Swiss and bacon/cheddar patties, chicken Cordon Bleu, Parmesan-coated chicken breast, Northlander brats and Stoddard's cooked brats.
He initiated a monthly publication, the Northlander, a vehicle for the post-World War II continuation of Nazi racial theories.
So he invites Master healer Rowan Fisher to come and teach the Northlanders how to treat their King.
Aspin estimates commercial truck traffic has increased "fivefold" in the last decade and is convinced more people are on the road because of the province's cancellation of the Northlander passenger rail service in 2012.
Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has announced that an NDP administration would make investments in Ring of Fire mining infrastructure and rehabilitate the money-losing Northlander rail passenger service.
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