n.1.A tendency in the end of a magnetic needle to point to the north.
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Eastness and northness indices were also generated and incorporated into the modelling to avoid the potential 'confusion' where values such as 359[degrees] and 1[degrees] are spatially very close but at opposite end of the co variate value range in terms of modelling inputs.
From the k-fold diagnostics, many of the terrain derivatives, including elevation (DEM), altitude above channel network (AACN), valley depth, multi-resolution valley bottom flatness (MrVBF), and northness are important predictors of surface-soil clay percentage.
Variable Description Aspect (8 classes) Northness (0[degrees]-22.
In single-mindedly clambering for literal directionality, for northness, Bergvall's seafarer loses the ability to speak with fluidity, his tongue searching through New and Old English to catch on glottally to the keyword itself: "Sailed on due north nord norp nord norit norpe norh northt.
In addition, we transformed aspect into two variables using sine and cosine functions to measure eastness and northness, respectively (Zar 1996).
Variables modeled included habitat type (hab), elevation (elev), percent slope (slope), eastness of aspect (east), northness of aspect (north) and distance to the nearest open road (roads).
northness and eastness; Roberts 1986); we did not assign an aspect to pixels with a slope [less than or equal to] 1[degrees].
03 Northness 0 1 0 1 1 0 Eastness 1 0 0 1 Wolf Risk 1 2 2 0 1.
Because aspect is a circular variable, we transformed it into two derived variables, northness = cosine(aspect) and eastness = sine(aspect).
212) Notes: The complete environmental data set included slope, aspect, northness, eastness, soil type, and topographic position.
There is a feeling of Grim Up Northness about the production, but the characters are so well drawn and the dialogue so authentic, the overall feeling is one of enormous energy.
northness and eastness; Roberts 1986) to avoid introducing additional categorical variables.