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(Placename) the northernmost county of England, on the North Sea; became a unitary authority in 2009: hilly in the north (the Cheviots) and west (the Pennines), with many Roman remains, notably Hadrian's Wall; shipbuilding, coal mining. Administrative centre: Morpeth. Pop: 310 600 (2007 est). Area: 5032 sq km (1943 sq miles). Abbreviation: Northd


(Biography) 1st Duke of, title of John Dudley. 1502–53, English statesman and soldier, who governed England (1549–53) during the minority of Edward VI. His attempt (1553) to gain the throne for his daughter-in-law, Lady Jane Grey, led to his execution


(nɔrˈθʌm bər lənd)

a county in NE England. 307,100; 1943 sq. mi. (5030 sq. km).
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Noun1.Northumberland - the northernmost county of EnglandNorthumberland - the northernmost county of England; has many Roman remains (including Hadrian's Wall)
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Flodden - a hill in Northumberland where the invading Scots were defeated by the English in 1513
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It requested his attendance, within an hour's time, at a house in Northumberland Street, Strand, which he had never had occasion to enter before.
Godfrey instantly turned back, and proceeded to the house in Northumberland Street.
Godfrey to recover in Northumberland Street, and must follow the proceedings of Mr.
Godfrey in Northumberland Street now happened to Mr.
I am dying for more news of him, after his adventure in Northumberland Street.
But when her own servants all knew of the loss of the Moonstone, and when some of the circumstances had actually found their way into the newspapers--when strangers were speculating whether there was any connection between what had happened at Lady Verinder's country-house, and what had happened in Northumberland Street and Alfred Place--concealment was not to be thought of; and perfect frankness became a necessity as well as a virtue.
Having no longer the motive of serving and protecting her, Alban must, nevertheless, have taken the journey to Northumberland.
NORTHUMBERLAND has reaffirmed its position as one of the UK's greatest counties after being recognised on the national stage for the second time in three years.
ROBSON Green's (pictured) personal odyssey through his home county of Northumberland is renewing interest in the region.
com)-- Holiday cottages Northumberland have built on their success and extended the range of cottages they offer.
The General Manager of the Northumberland Business Assistance Corporation since 1998, Borowec was elected President of the OACFDC this past June, after serving a two-year term as Board Treasurer.
One thinks of the earls of Westmorland and Northumberland striding with apparent sureness of purpose into the cathedral at Durham to announce their rebellion in 1569, the long and bitter feud between the Herons and the Carrs, and the many comments of observers to the effect that the people of the North knew "no prince but a Percy or a Dacre.

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