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An Anglian kingdom of northern England formed in the seventh century by the union of Bernicia and Deira. Much of Northumbria fell to invading Danes in the ninth century and was annexed to Wessex in 954.


1. (Historical Terms) (in Anglo-Saxon Britain) a region that stretched from the Humber to the Firth of Forth: formed in the 7th century ad, it became an important intellectual centre; a separate kingdom until 876 ad
2. (Placename) an area of NE England roughly corresponding to the Anglo-Saxon region of Northumbria


(nɔrˈθʌm bri ə)

1. an early English kingdom extending N from the Humber to the Firth of Forth.
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Noun1.Northumbria - an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in northern England until 876
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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And from there his eager, wandering priests carried the story far and wide, northward to the fortress of the Pictish kings, and southward to the wild Saxons who dwelt amid the hills and uplands of Northumbria.
And it was among the rugged hills of Northumbria, by the rocky shore where the sounding waves beat and beat all day long, that the first Christian songs in English were sung.
Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria, declared for him: and even Stigand, the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury, found it advisable--"'
When the inevitable clash for supremacy came, the king of the then-dominant Anglian kingdom, Northumbria, made choice of the Roman as against the Irish Church, a choice which proved decisive for the entire island.
This was in the Northern, Anglian, kingdom of Northumbria (Yorkshire and Southern Scotland), which, as we have already said, had then won the political supremacy, and whose monasteries and capital city, York, thanks to the Irish missionaries, had become the chief centers of learning and culture in Western Christian Europe.
For a hundred years, throughout the ninth century, the Danes, appearing with unwearied persistence, repeatedly ravaged and plundered England, and they finally made complete conquest of Northumbria, destroyed all the churches and monasteries, and almost completely extinguished learning.
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