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1. Relating to Northumbria or its Old English dialect.
2. Relating to the former or present-day county of Northumberland in northeast England.
1. A native or inhabitant of Northumbria.
2. A native or inhabitant of Northumberland.
3. The Old English dialect of Northumbria.


1. (Placename) of or relating to the English county of Northumberland, its inhabitants, or their dialect of English
2. (Historical Terms) of or relating to ancient Northumbria, its inhabitants, or their dialect
a. the dialect of Old and Middle English spoken north of the River Humber. See also Anglian, Mercian
b. the dialect of Modern English spoken in Northumberland


(nɔrˈθʌm bri ən)
1. a native or inhabitant of Northumbria or Northumberland.
2. the English dialect of Northumbria or Northumberland.
3. of or pertaining to Northumbria, Northumberland, or their inhabitants or dialect.


A. ADJde Northumbria
B. Nhabitante mf de Northumbria, nativo/a m/f de Northumbria
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Anglo-Saxon Poetry, on the Continent in prehistoric times before the migration to England, and in England especially during the Northumbrian Period, seventh and eighth centuries A.
WHILE Caedmon was still singing at Whitby, in another Northumbrian village named Jarrow a boy was born.
The harsh voice, the blunt manner, the habit of accompanying certain phrases by an emphatic nod of the head, the Northumbrian burr expressing itself in every word which contained the letter "r" -- all these personal peculiarities of the old North-country governess were reproduced to the life.
Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) has picked Spectrum Business Park in Seaham to become the base for its infrastructure teams in a move which will see around 200 people work across two floors of office space in the park's Spectrum 5 building.
And kids from three Stockton schools got to find out how when they visited a Northumbrian Water sewage works.
Around 1,000 litres of oil flowed into Northumbrian Water's Sacriston sewage treatment works in less than half a day last month.
Hong Kong-based infrastructure company Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings (HKG:1038), or CKI, has agreed to take over British water and waste water utility Northumbrian Water Group (LON:NWG) for some GBP2.
Reports of a planned takeover approach from its biggest shareholder, Ontario Teachers' Pension Fund, sent Northumbrian as much as 14% higher.
A RISE in business failures in its north-east heartlands has landed Northumbrian Water with a pounds 1.
The Fiddle Music of James Hill: A Collection of Tunes by James Hill and Others, Selected from Principally Local Sources, and Arranged for Keyed Northumbrian Smallpipes
The French Suez group has concluded a deal with the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan on the sale of its remaining 25% stake in its former British subsidiary Northumbrian Water for euro 377 million.
For the uninitiated, Northumbrian small pipes are known simply for being similar in design and sound to the famous Highland bagpipes.

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