Norwegian lobster

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Noun1.Norwegian lobster - caught in European waters; slenderer than American lobster
Nephrops norvegicus, Norway lobster - edible European lobster resembling the American lobster but slenderer
lobster - flesh of a lobster
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It took 72-hours to prepare, and toppings included three rare types of caviar, Norwegian lobster and seven types of cheese, washed down with brandy, champagne and cognac.
To a supplementary question from Senator Datuk Ong Chong Swen on whether goods including jewellery, Norwegian lobster, and Ste will be taxable, Lim said his ministry would tax luxury goods if necessary.
LUXE: ICELAND LUXURY SURF AND TURF QUARTER POUNDERS, PS3 FOR 2 Surf and turf in one burger sounds insane but, amazingly, British beef mixes rather well with Norwegian lobster. It's inspired by fancy restaurant chain Burger & Lobster, but Iceland are the first supermarket to recreate it.
It's a great combination of British beef and Norwegian lobster and costs PS3 for a two pack.
The accurate biological name and the term that's in the text books is a Norwegian Lobster."

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