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A city of eastern England northeast of London. Norwich was sacked by Danes in the 11th century and devastated by the Black Death in 1349.


(Placename) a city in E England, administrative centre of Norfolk: cathedral (founded 1096); University of East Anglia (1963); traditionally a centre of the footwear industry, now has engineering, financial services. Pop: 174 047 (2001)


(ˈnɔr ɪtʃ, -ɪdʒ, ˈnɒr-, ˈnɔr wɪtʃ)

a city in E Norfolk, in E England: cathedral. 128,108.
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TOP 10 BEST AND WORST RIGHTMOVE'S Happy at Home survey - the top 10 places to live in Great Britain: 1 Harrogate, North Yorkshire 2 Inverness, Scotland 3 Taunton, Somerset 4 Stockport, Greater Manchester 5 Falkirk, Scotland 6 Norwich, East Anglia 7 Hull, East Yorkshire 8 Preston, Lancashire 9 Truro, Cornwall 10 Telford, West Midlands .
When she wasn't working or looking after her family - husband Peter Gianfrancesco and daughters Billie, 15, and 10year-old Madison - she'd drive from her home in Norwich, East Anglia, to her parents' home in Crawley, West Sussex.
The forecast came after the first major snow falls of winter from the far north of Scotland down to Norwich, East Anglia.

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