Nose hole

(Glass Making) a small opening in a furnace, before which a globe of crown glass is held and kept soft at the beginning of the flattening process.

See also: Nose

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It wouldnt budge so I put my face right down there to see what was holding up the process and the knife slipped out but I was still pushing hard so it did a catapult-level THWACK right between my eyes, causing a hairline fracture in the part of the skull right above the nose hole," she wrote, adding that she was roundly mocked in the ER.
antie nerve tea dar stink up me nose hole like de nasty claat she put
It was one of those plastic and metal-like retractable thingies that pinch the snot out of your face when the stock retracts into your nose hole as you shoot.
Some scenes are graphic, like this description of a faceless soldier: "His features were melting away from napalm like a mask of wax, literally running down past his eye sockets, his nose holes, dripping into his mouth."
Washington, Aug 21 (ANI): Our nostrils may look like a happy pair, but according to a new study, when they pick up conflicting scents, the nose holes become deadly rivals.
When I look at Buttercup's face I see very small slits where my other cats have nice big nose holes. When Buttercup breaths she makes more noise than any of my other cats; she actually sounds like she's snoring most of the time, even when she's awake!
Trust me, I've got all the cool tactical stuff up to my nose holes. Let's say there are five ways to clear a stair well.
Artist/teacher Tina Cintron begins by applying petroleum jelly on the model's face before demonstrating how to use small pieces of tape to cover the surface of the face, leaving nose holes for breathing purposes.