Nose piece

the nozzle of a pipe, hose, bellows, etc.; the end piece of a microscope body, to which an objective is attached.
- Massinger

See also: Nose

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The Saber Advanced is our most affordable model and offers great functionality from telescoping temples, tactical straps and an adjustable nose piece to various optional lens tints.
The lightweight TR90 frame has dual moulded, non-slip temples and an adjustable non-slip nose piece for optimum comfort and fit.
The stolen items included a bridal set consisting of a gold headpiece, earrings, nose piece, temple piece, two necklaces and a ring.
11) simulated the subsonic velocity and temperature fields of the slot die and analyzed the effects of the slot angle, slot width, and nose piece width on the velocity, and temperature fields.
NeoMask is made from Hydro-allergenic breathable non latex neoprene, allowing a good seal and comfortable fit, along with having an adjustable nose piece and using comfortable secure velcro fastenings.
The Stealth 8000 features a wraparound 9-base polycarbonate lens ensuring a close fit to the face for optimum coverage with a built in soft PVC nose piece that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of facial profiles for comfort and stability.
With a removable chin-flap and nose piece, this is an extremely versatile bit of kit that protects the face from exposure.
Plus, you had all the accessories on your board: The reversible tail bone, the rails, and the nose piece, so you could get a good six months out of one of those things.
The included nose piece is mounted onto a C/CS mount on the front of the telescope camera.
The ~28-gram sunglasses also feature soft rubberised over-moulding on the temple area and an adjustable nose piece.