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1.Wottest not; knowest not.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was not just any career but one which, with occasional setbacks, flourished - even if van Nost's attested output remains relatively small.
So when the Naval OPSEC Support Team (NOST) receives a request for support or to provide a PowerPoint brief on phishing is that a NOST responsibility or a cybersecurity responsibility?
Nost, 2008: A diagnostic model of the Nordic seas and Arctic Ocean circulation: Quantifying the effects of a variable bottom density along a sloping topography.
I would contend that Russian literature's frequent focus on provintsiia and provintsial'nost' is related to this understanding: as I said above, the provinces as they are generally represented in Russian literature are not exactly behind the times.
Products are ranked from least to to most sodium, then most to least protein, then least nost sat fat.
Two English sculptors, John Nost and John Cheere, produced similar cast bronze functional garden ornaments in the 18th century often referred to as Blackamoor, African, or Slave.
The word "Nostalgia" roots in two Greek words: nosto and nost which means hometown and coming back home and aglia, aglos or log which means suffering, desires and regrets.
Doncov, "Christoffel-Darboux formula nost directly applied in generating economical linear phase low-pass digital FIR filter functions", Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika (Electronics and Electrical Engineering), vol.
Previous studies analyzed gill rakers and their adaptations related to feeding in species with the same feeding habit (LANGELAND & NOST, 1995; EIRAS-STOFELLA & CHARVET-ALMEIDA, 1997) or related gill rakers to species identification (LUCENA et al., 1992).