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Noun1.Nostocaceae - blue-green algae
bacteria family - a family of bacteria
class Cyanobacteria, class Cyanophyceae, Cyanophyceae - photosynthetic bacteria found in fresh and salt water, having chlorophyll a and phycobilins; once thought to be algae: blue-green algae
genus Nostoc - type genus of the family Nostocaceae: freshwater blue-green algae
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Of the 49 families, the top five families based on the number of significantly differentially abundant OTUs within the family were Sphingomonadaceae, Xenococcaceae, Micromonosporaceae, Sphingobacteriaceae, and Nostocaceae. All five families were less abundant in samples from homes of participants doing crop farming than in those with no crop farming exposure (Table 4).
3.1 4.4 Planktothrix agardhii (Gomont) Anagnostidis & 24.0 16.7 Komarek Order: Nostocales Family: Nostocaceae Anabaena circinalis Rabenhorst 35.4 33.3 Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler 26.0 15.6 Anabaena sp.
Environmental variables for CCA were total nitrogen, soluble phosphorus, and pH; diversity dataset was restricted to Nostocaceae, Oscillatoriaceae, Diatomaceae, Naviculaceae, Closteriaceae, and Zygnemataceae families.