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 (nŏs′trə-dā′məs, -dä′-, nō′strə-) Originally Michel de Notredame. 1503-1566.
French physician and astrologer noted for his several volumes of cryptic prophecies in verse.


(Biography) Latinized name of Michel de Notredame. 1503–66, French physician and astrologer; author of a book of prophecies in rhymed quatrains, Centuries (1555)


(ˌnɒs trəˈdeɪ məs, -ˈdɑ-, ˈnoʊ strə-)

(Michel de Nostredame), 1503–66, French astrologer.
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Noun1.Nostradamus - French astrologer who wrote cryptic predictions whose interpretations are still being debated (1503-1566)Nostradamus - French astrologer who wrote cryptic predictions whose interpretations are still being debated (1503-1566)
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Michel de Nostredame (also known as Nostradamus), a French physician and astrologer who was born on December 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Provence, France.
Nostradamus's prophecies: Written in verse, the letters of 16th-century French philosopher Michel de Nostredame have long been credited with predicting the French Revolution, the rises of Napoleon and Hitler and the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.
291)--whether that "present" be the thirteenth century when scribes first attempted to translate the songs from the aural environment in which they originated to written form and created legends about the poet-composers with little basis in fact, the sixteenth century when Jean de Nostredame and Claude Fauchet produced histories and anthologies (but ignored the music), the eighteenth century when bibliophiles began cataloguing and comparing the medieval manuscripts, the nineteenth century whose scientific methods and philosophical attitudes gave the repertoires more precise shape than the medieval documents themselves actually revealed, or the twentieth century with its shifting interpretations, ontologies, and methodologies.