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Na 1

The symbol for sodium.

[From New Latin natrium, from French natron, natron; see natron.]

Na 2

abbr. Bible




1. Narcotics Anonymous
2. North America
3. also n/a not applicable


abbreviation for
not applicable


1. not applicable.
2. not available.


Chem. Symbol.
[< New Latin natrium]


1. no account.
2. not applicable.


1. North America.
2. not applicable.


1. =not applicableno interesa
2. (Banking) =no account
3. (Comm) =not available


abbr of not applicableentf.


a. =not applicablenon pertinente
b. (Comm) =no account
References in classic literature ?
You've simply borrowed an idea that's not your own, but you've distorted it, and are trying to apply it where it's not applicable.
What I want you to observe is that in Herbert Spencer's definition of 'life' the activity of a machine is included--there is nothing in the definition that is not applicable to it.
And yet, when after some resistance he had consented to take the Casaubons to his friend's studio, he had been allured by the gratification of his pride in being the person who could grant Naumann such an opportunity of studying her loveliness--or rather her divineness, for the ordinary phrases which might apply to mere bodily prettiness were not applicable to her.
This is not applicable for the rent-a-car/taxi/driver trainer segment.
The high court had held that the provisions of the Act and the subsequent notification were not applicable to admissions in nursery.
Northrop Not applicable Laid keel for first US Navy
Indeed, the key point is not whether or not the right of physician choice exists (it does), but that the right is not applicable to all situations.
6) If the applicant' s race was identified as Not Applicable (code 8) in 2003, use code 7 (Not Applicable).
Bloom added that concern over protecting jurors in criminal cases is not applicable in the Granicy case.
The increase is apparently not applicable to services in Sabah and Sarawak, although it is not clear whether flights from these areas to the peninsula are included according to The Associated Press.
76, viscosity: not applicable, solubility: water: soluble, acid: soluble, other: not determined, partition coefficient (n-octanol / water): not determined, coefficient of water / oil: not determined, melting point: decomposes at 110 degrees celsius (230 degrees fahrenheit), decomposition temperature: 110 degrees celsius (230 degrees fahrenheit), boiling point: not applicable, vapor pressure: not applicable, vapor density (air = 1): not applicable ,evaporation rate (water = 1): not applicable, volatile organic compounds content: not applicable, flammable properties.
The scheme is not applicable on rental cars, taxis, driving school trainers and company cars.
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