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Noun1.note payable - a note promising to pay a certain amount of money at a certain time
note of hand, promissory note, note - a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time; "I had to co-sign his note at the bank"
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In the research were used 11 inputs that involve Cash 'Short-Term Investments 'Notes Receivable, Inventory' Spare Parts 'Inventory Stock and Other Inventory' Advance Payment, Long-Term Assets, Notes Payable' Prepaid ' Long-Term Liability for clustering of equity.
The first quarter 2009 results include a USD49.0m gain before associated income tax from the purchase of USD100m principal amount of notes payable for USD48.7m and USD6.5m representing a partial settlement in respect of aircraft repossessed in a prior period.
These equity awards will consist of promissory notes payable in shares and restricted stock units with respect to an aggregate of approximately 2.8 million shares of EA's common stock.
* Notes Payable Due within One Year--record of the amount of principal on loans (other than real estate) that is due during the next year.
One of the largest Arkansas creditors is Hill Food Ingredients LLC of Osceola, which filed a claim for $530,000 for notes payable.
+ Depreciation - Increases (or + decreases) in accounts receivable - Increases (or + decreases) in inventories + Increases (or - decreases) in accounts receivable - Decreases (or + increases) in notes payable (bank loans)
* A detailed list of liabilities, notes payable and other interest-bearing debt.
As a result, the total amount of cash in all types of deposits, excepting checks and promissory notes payable to account holders, fell 1.0% to 471.64 trillion yen as of Dec.
Mohawk issued approximately 3.2 million shares of its common stock to Durkan stockholders in exchange for all the outstanding capital stock of Durkan and its affiliate, as well as certain notes payable to Durkan family members.
The discounted interest is shown as the contra-liability account called "Discount on Notes Payable," which is recognized as interest as periodic payments are made on the note.