Nothing off

(Naut.) an order to the steersman to keep the vessel close to the wind.

See also: Nothing

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He had an order from Constantinople to look out for our party, and see that we carried nothing off. It was a wise, a just, and a well- deserved rebuke, but it created a sensation.
However, as my first crop was but small, I had no great difficulty to cut it down; in short, I reaped it in my way, for I cut nothing off but the ears, and carried it away in a great basket which I had made, and so rubbed it out with my hands; and at the end of all my harvesting, I found that out of my half-peck of seed I had near two bushels of rice, and about two bushels and a half of barley; that is to say, by my guess, for I had no measure at that time.
This encouraged me to speak, and I told them I had nothing to say to stop the sentence, but that I had much to say to bespeak the mercy of the Court; that I hoped they would allow something in such a case for the circumstances of it; that I had broken no doors, had carried nothing off; that nobody had lost anything; that the person whose goods they were was pleased to say he desired mercy might be shown
The superior stateliness, if not the superior generalship, of the Analytical prevails over a man who is as nothing off the box; and the Coachman, yielding up his salver, retires defeated.
"I will continue to make decisions that are in the public interest of the council's residents and, as highlighted in my response to the Shropshire Star, 'I will take nothing off the table.
"We took nothing off and practised every day at the National Tennis Centre.
"Secondly, Wales was promised a comprehensive review with nothing off the table, but nothing has yet been put on the table.
As working-class people we expect nothing off Tory governments as they look after their own, the "better-off".
19 press event at a Newark church, said he would take "nothing off the table," after being asked several times by reporters whether he would entertain raising taxes in 2019 for the 2020 budget, which starts July 1.
"So when you're not getting lateral movement in the air and nothing off the pitch, you feel a bit like a bowling machine.
If I had a choice I'd leave nothing off. You find a way to do it within budget.
In their new book, actors and humorists Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman leave nothing off the table.