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Noun1.Nothofagus - beeches of temperate southern hemisphere except Africa: southern beechNothofagus - beeches of temperate southern hemisphere except Africa: southern beech
hamamelid dicot genus - genus of mostly woody relatively primitive dicotyledonous flowering plants with flowers often unisexual and often borne in catkins
beech family, Fagaceae, family Fagaceae - chiefly monoecious trees and shrubs: beeches; chestnuts; oaks; genera Castanea, Castanopsis, Chrysolepis, Fagus, Lithocarpus, Nothofagus, Quercus
evergreen beech, southern beech - any of various beeches of the southern hemisphere having small usually evergreen leaves
Coigue, Nothofagus dombeyi - Chilean evergreen whose leafy boughs are used for thatching
New Zealand beech - any of several tall New Zealand trees of the genus Nothofagus; some yield useful timber
Nothofagus menziesii, silver beech - New Zealand beech with usually pale silvery bark
Nothofagus obliqua, roble beech - tall deciduous South American tree
Nothofagus procera, rauli beech - large Chilean timber tree yielding coarse lumber
black beech, Nothofagus solanderi - New Zealand forest tree
hard beech, Nothofagus truncata - tall New Zealand tree yielding very hard wood
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The growth forms and ecology of Nothofagus solandri at the alpine timberline, Craigieburn Range, New Zealand.
Spatial and temporal patterns in structure, biomass, growth, and mortality in a monospecific Nothofagus solandri var.