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Noun1.Notonecta - type genus of the Notonectidae: backswimmersNotonecta - type genus of the Notonectidae: backswimmers
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Notonectidae, Notonectidae - aquatic carnivorous insects
backswimmer, Notonecta undulata - predaceous aquatic insect that swims on its back and may inflict painful bites
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COENAGRIONIDAE GELASTOCORIDAE (incluye lo que era Gelastocoris antes Protoneuridae y Nerthra Pseudostigmatidae) NAUCORIDAE Acanthagrion Ambrysus Anisagrion Cryphocricos Argia Ctenipocoris Enallagma Limnocoris Ischnura Pelocoris Leptobasis NEPIDAE Mecistogaster Curicta Megaloprepus Ranatra Metaleptobasis* NOTONECTIDAE Nehalennia Buenoa Neoerythromma Martarega Neoneura Notonecta Protoneura OCHTERIDAE Psaironeura Ochterus Telebasis PLEIDAE Gen.
In this context, intraspecific differences in habitat use of the different instars have been observed, for example, in the predatory aquatic bug Notonecta hoffmani (Notonectidae, reviewed by Morin 2011), the theraphosid Ephebopus murinus (Walckenaer, 1937) (Marshall & West, 2008), and the co-occurring ctenid wandering spiders Phoneutria fera Perty, 1833, and Phoneutria reidyi (F.O.P.-Cambridge, 1897) (Torres-Sanchez & Gasnier 2010).
Blaustem (1998) showed that Notonecta was responsible for structuring the community by size selective predation, resulting in density reduction of larger Daphnia, without affecting the density of the smaller Ceriodaphnia.
Individuals from the genus Anisops, Micronecta, Sigara, Agraptocorixa and Notonecta were all encountered during the two-year period and have often been found in similar aquatic environments around the world (Seaman et al.
Among arthropods, only 14 species were abundant and ubiquitous including Sphaerodema annulatum Fabricius, Sphaerodema molestum Duf., Laccotrephes maculates (Fabricius), Corixa hieroglyphica Duf., Notonecta sp.
Influence of the predatory backswimmer Notonecta maculata, on invertebrate community structure.
Hemiptera Nabidae Hoplistoscelis Hemiptera Nepidae Ranatra Hemiptera Notonectidae Notonecta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Banasa Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Mormidea Hemiptera Pentatomidae Podisus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Thyanta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Unident.
1 91 2,7 1.000-1.800 Buenoa gracilisTruxal, 1953 32 0,9 800-1.700 Buenoa pallens 11 0,3 1.100-1.800 (Champion, 1901) Buenoa pallipes 15 0,4 1.000-1.200 (Fabricius, 1803) Notonecla Linnaeus, 1758 Notonecta sp.
Las dietas consistieron de la pupa de mosco (Notonecta unifasciata), alfalfa (Medicago sativa) y jitomate (Lycopersicum esculentum).