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 (no͞o′vō, no͞o-vō′)
New and different, often fashionably so: "The perfect [Los Angeles] combination: a gas station that is also a nouveau convenience store" (David Mermelstein).

[From phrases such as art nouveau.]


(ˈnuːvəʊ) or before a plural noun


(prenominal) facetious or derogatory having recently become the thing specified: a nouveau hippy.
[C20: French, literally: new; on the model of nouveau riche]


(ˈnu voʊ, nuˈvoʊ)

newly or recently created, developed, or come to prominence.
[1805–15; < French: new; Old French novel < Latin novellus]
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Perhaps the most famous aspect of Gamay is that it produces Beaujolais Noveau, a highly-prized wine that sparks frenzied buying each year when it released for sale on the third Thursday in November, having spent very little time maturing in the bottle or cask.
Rogue Wave said it made the acquisition to enable its customers to extend their applications from the enterprise to the internet, using NobleNet's Noveau distributed object and remote procedure call (RPC) technology.
I ended my third and final day having tea in the Europa Cafe, one of the finest examples of Art Noveau in Prague.
Sur un noveau type de symbiose chez la Bonellie (Bonellia viridis, Echiurien).
The ARS Noveau Chorale from Angono Rizal Lead School for the Arts serenaded the audience with a medley of San Pedro's compositions.
He added: "It was always going to be a challenge but the oak panelling, mosaics and art noveau style fireplaces were there and the good thing about it not changing much in 100 years was that it had not been messed about in the 1960s and 70s.
Como olvidar el enorme repertorio del maestro Carballido; las incisivas propuestas de Rascon; la pasion hecha poesia y hecha teatro de Aura o el ejemplo de defensa del genero de los titeres de Ramos, o las actuaciones de Evelio Arias en A tu intocable persona (de quien esto redacta), La tarantula Art Noveau de Hugo Arguelles o El viaje superficial de Jorge Ibarguengoitia de quien, justamente este ano se celebraron 80 de su natalicio con bombo y platillo, pero sin que las instituciones produjeran algun montaje a la altura de las circunstancias.
No one at Tolka wanted Pat Fenlon to leave but until yesterday morning it looked certain that he was moving across the northside of Dublin, departing financially-stricken Shelbourne for noveau riche Bohemians.
Confiado, dirige sus ojos rasgados a la camara y da sorbos a una copita electrica de Jaeggermeister en la comodidad del centrico Americana Hotel de la calle Leidsenplein, una construccion de 1900 que Amsterdam califica de lujoso monumento al art noveau.
The couple had built up the collection, which included rare pieces from Africa and Art Noveau, over the course of their marriage.
All this adds up to suggest that, regardless of yesterday's result in London, the biggest challenge to the sport's noveau riche masters from the Kings Road is more likely to come from Old Trafford than Highbury where Arsene Wenger has lost skipper Patrick Vieira and endured a modest summer of spending.