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Noun1.roman fleuve - a French novel in the form of a long chronicle of a family or other social group
novel - an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
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8 Who wrote the novel sequence Strangers & Brothers?
The data gets more exciting when a truly novel sequence element is found in association to a particular presentation, or, at least, one that is novel in that context (such as deriving from a known pathogen, but one not readily explained as a likely contaminant, and not otherwise associated with the condition).
Additional characterization of BF370 with multilocus sequence typing (6) revealed a novel sequence type, 868.
Mastermind BBC Two, 9pm (not Wales) The Falklands Conflict, Renaissance noblewoman Caterina Sforza, Paul Scott's novel sequence The Raj Quartet, 19th-century prime minister Lord Palmerston, the Ashes between 1964 and 1981 and the life of ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev are the specialist subjects in this series finale.
Methods for sequencing utilizes a novel sequence capture method and next-generation, short read DNA sequencers to scan a 225kb region of 9p21, including Cdnk2a, 2b, and ANRIL.
Sanger sequencing continues to enable detection of novel sequence variants, which is particularly important for the array of insertions and deletions in exons 19 and 20 that comprise up to 50% of the mutations detected in EGFR, and which may each require individual assays to detect by a genotyping method.
Four isolates had por allele 2577, which shares >99% homology with por allele 1808, and tbpB allele 29; these four isolates were assigned a novel sequence type, 4198 (Table).
The novel appeared a year ago, before the wide coverage given the publication of Bolano's posthumous vast novel sequence, The Departed.
All of the novel sequence polymorphisms were also found in the control population.
Shoulder the Sky is the second part of a five novel sequence that is an ambitious portrait of England during the First World War.
Determining the location of a predicted feature in a novel sequence is determined by aligning the sequence with the similar sequence.
BLAST is typically the first step for someone consulting GenBank to evaluate a novel sequence.