November 2

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Noun1.November 2 - a day of supplication for all the souls in purgatoryNovember 2 - a day of supplication for all the souls in purgatory
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
Nov, November - the month following October and preceding December
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BEAUMARIS Bonfire & Fireworks Display will take place by on Saturday, November 2, at 6.30pm on the sea front by the pier.
The 25-Year-Club Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, November 2. On Thursday, November 3, at 11 a.m., the Rubber Division's Business and Awards Meeting will be held.
CPE Credits: 17 (main), 3 (optional) and 8 (CPA/IRS Meeting) Pre-Conference Workshops: Sunday, October 30 CPMRS Tax Issues Meeting: Wednesday, November 2
Lorca in a Green Dress (Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Ore., through November 2) and Anna in the Tropics (McCarter Theatre, Princeton, N.J., September 9-October 19).