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A trademark for an anesthetic preparation of the drug procaine.
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Noun1.Novocain - procaine administered as a hydrochloride (trade name Novocain)
Ethocaine, procaine - a white crystalline powder (trade name Ethocaine) administered near nerves as a local anesthetic in dentistry and medicine
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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I sat silently in the Drum and Monkey that evening, the throbbing pain growing as the novocain's power ebbed.
7, 14, and 30 day safter surgery the animals were withdrawn from the experiment by intracardiac injection of 1 mL 10% Novocain solution.
The rehabilitation (15 therapies during three weeks) consisted of exercises and physical therapy -iontophoresis of anaesthetic (novocain), low level laser therapy (wavelength -780 nm, frequency 2500-HZ, power output-20 mW, spot size-1 cm, energy density-3 J/[cm.sup.2]; duration of treatment 600s, daily energy dose-6 J, total energy dose-90 J, technique-contact application along the painful medial edge of tibia).
Donating one's body to science is a human kindness, but for the family left behind, death without ritual feels incomplete, like the extraction of a tooth without the benefit of Novocain. "But where is he?" I asked, sobbing and trembling as my mother tried to hush me to sleep.
With drops of numbing Novocain doing their work, he deftly extracted the object, which had been torturing me.
While I felt fine in every other respect, it was as if my dentist had injected an excessive amount of Novocain directly into my tongue.
Casey and I found a way to do the procedure painlessly by instilling 8% Novocain in the ear canal as drops to anesthetize the tympanic membrane.
"It was time to move out on my own since I had some ideas that I had been having to pull teeth with no Novocain to get adopted," said Brown who also made claims that the network made no attempts to advertise the program.
Walker (2008) tells of going to a dentist to have teeth removed when this second, tougher persona took over and led him to refuse novocain or another anesthetic drug to numb the pain.
0.25% solution of Novocain with addition of one drop of adrenaline on each 10 ml of a solution is locally injected under mucous, or exactly, under periosteal-perichondrium on all nasal septum and the bottom of nose.