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Noun1.Nowrooz - (Persian) the new year holiday in Iran and Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and parts of India and among the Kurds; comes at the vernal equinox
Farsi, Persian - the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms
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Nowruz is also called as Noruz, Nowruz, Nowrooz, and Nawruz, meaning 'New Day,' because it marks the first day of the Persian New Year.
In March 2018 when the Bektashi Community of Albania organized a congress for Imam Ali and celebrated the Festival of Nowrooz with its Bektashi community and the Iranian diplomats in Tirana, MEK asked the Albanian authorities to interrupt this religious event and arrest two Iranian journalists -- by falsely claiming that they were terrorists.
'The matter of the stolen books was also brought to the consideration of the chief librarian Nowrooz, however no serious action was taken,' the complainant alleged.
According to the reports, the journalists who have been killed have been identified as Agence France-Presse's (AFP) photographer Shah Marai, Radio Free Europe's Ebadullah Hananzai and Sabawoon Kakar Tolonews' Yar Mohammad Tokhi, 1TV's Ghazi Rasooli and Nowrooz Rajabj, Mashal TV's Saleem Talash and Ali Salimi, Shamsad TV's Mahram Durani.
Ancient Persian civilization and Zoroastrianism are classified in nationalist aspect which is dated back to 3000-2000 BC but this aspect is still predominant in Iranian society such as new year festivals (Nowrooz), calendar and persian literature.
According to the official, artists from Hormuzgan, East Azerbaijan, Lorestan and Ardebil have performed on Nowrooz occasion in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Russia and Turkey in 2015.
sanctions threat to sign an estimated $800m (PS492m) buy-back deal with Iran to develop two offshore oil fields in the Persian Gulf known as Soroosh and Nowrooz. The project was completed in 2005.
Mehdi Farhadian's "Baharestan" series is on show of Mah Art Gallery until Persian New Year, Nowrooz.
Called Nowrooz, the tradition extends back at least 2,500 years.