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 (no͞o′klīd′, nyo͞o′-)
A type of atom specified by its atomic number, atomic mass, and energy state, such as carbon-14.

nu·clid′ic (no͞o-klĭd′ĭk, nyo͞o-) adj.


(General Physics) a species of atom characterized by its atomic number and its mass number. See also isotope
[C20: from nucleo- + -ide, from Greek eidos shape]


(ˈnu klaɪd, ˈnyu-)

1. an atomic species in which the atoms have the same atomic number and mass number.
2. an individual atom in such a species.
[1947; nucl(eus) + -ide < Greek eîdos shape]


A particular isotope of an element, identified by the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
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Concerns were also raised over the effect of the sediment on coastal zones due to the transfer of radio nuclides from sea to land.
After review of basics like matter, elements, atoms, molecules, and forces or fields, it describes nuclides and radioactive processes, radioactivity, the production of radionuclides, the interaction of high-energy radiation with matter, radiation dosimetry, detection of high-energy radiation, in vitro and in vivo radiation detection, operational characteristics and quality control of a scintillation camera, detectability or final contrast in an image, the biologic effects of radiation and risk evaluation from exposure, methods of safe handling of radionuclides, and rules and regulations.
2) Aerospace science and exploration are inextricably linked with weather, water, and climate research--from the usage of satellite-derived imagery to develop weather forecasts to the use of cosmogenic nuclides for dating paleoclimate archives.
The app provides the properties of more than 4 000 nuclides and isomers and, among other things, allows users to search by sorting a nuclides decay type, radiation and half-life.
Neutron moderation in an absorbing neutrons moderating medium containing several varieties of nuclides.
7 Table 5 Decay mode of the product nuclei and the properties of the nuclides after decay.
Other unusual nuclides can have even longer half-lives than tantalum-180m.
2003) studied long-term weathering rates in the Sierra Nevada (California) and Puerto Rico, using geochemical mass balances and estimates of physical denudation rates based on cosmogenic nuclides.
The highly sensitive RadEye SPRD can detect, localize and identify hidden radioactive nuclides generated by manmade devices within seconds, giving first responders the vital information they need to quickly clear the scene and take corrective action.
CTT1057 was designed as an ideal delivery vehicle and can be loaded with a variety of radionuclides and chemotherapies to specifically and safely guide imaging nuclides and therapies to PSMA-expressing prostate cancer.
We require that the phase shift p remains the same for all nuclides, so only [delta] must be adjusted in such a way that ideally all isotopes can be expressed through a continued fraction.